Cultural Crisis : (Previously Titled "Islam in Captivity")
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9789960792354 - Umm Muhammad) Muhammad Qutb: Cultural Crisis : (Previously Titled "Islam in Captivity")
Umm Muhammad) Muhammad Qutbsearch

Cultural Crisis : (Previously Titled "Islam in Captivity") (1995)search

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ISBN: 9789960792354search أو 9960792358, لغة غير معروفة, Abul Qasim Publishing House, غلاف عادي, الجديد.

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This is an English summary of the book "Hal Nahnu Muslimun?" (Are We Muslims?) by M Qutub. Extract from the book -- The Islamic community had been left in ruins. It had been weakened and divided into small nations. The seeds of internal conflict had been planed and nurtured. Every effort had been made to draw society far away from the essence of religion, keeping people in ignorance and luring them with worldly incentives. Attempts to reform within an Islamic framework are still being suppressed. Religious practicing Muslims have become outcasts in their own society. And yet it was the will of Allah, the Almighty, that this religion would survive - not only survive, but make a comeback. For at the same time that Islam is no longer "fashionable" in Muslim countries, people in the West itself are beginning to discover the truths of Islam which Muslims have neglected. And those who have not yet discovered Islam have at least noticed the great spiritual famine that has taken hold of western culture. They are now seeing before them the failure of the new freedom to bring satisfaction to the human soul. Mankind, in general, is in a state of worry, anxiety and despair. Before him is the failure of present political, social and economic systems to realize justice or to bring peace of mind to the human race. Man longs to believe in a purpose behind existence. He is finally beginning to understand the real need for a belief in God, for nothing else can take place - not a belief of mere words and rituals or of spiritual disciplines that neglect human needs, but a religion which includes every aspect of humanity: the mind, the body and the soul. And there is only one religion on earth that includes and satisfies all of these... Islam. In spite of the obvious difficulties which appear to us now, the obstacles will lessen as more and more people seek an improvement and turn back to reason and to God. And this time, when men awaken and search, they will find Islam. Paperback, Ausgabe: ast, Label: Abul Qasim Publishing House, Abul Qasim Publishing House, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1995, Studio: Abul Qasim Publishing House.
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Cultural Crisis : (Previously Titled "Islam in Captivity")Umm Muhammad) Muhammad Qutb: Cultural Crisis : (Previously Titled "Islam in Captivity")
ISBN: 9789960792354

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